Game Sentinel is a community of professional buyers and sellers of game development products and services.

It is built on a 40 year plus network of proven relationships which is now being extended to the industry as a whole. We are currently in open beta. We encourage you to create listings for each product and service your company provides. More detailed listings will get greater engagement from the buyers.


We use classified listings and community ratings to help sellers promote their products and services, and granular filters to help buyers quickly connect with highly rated sellers. The reference and rating system is currently in development and expected to launch shortly. All users will be notified when it is launched so that you can easily update your listings.


Always. Claim or create your profile, create and search listings, find what you need when you need it without having to dig through and interpret a bunch of individual websites.


Everywhere. Start here and your listings are always current sharable to all industry trade shows and conferences. You no longer need to waste time reinventing your marketing materials for each new event. Simply share the relevant listings in all your business development activities.


Because time is the one resource all of us need more of, and Game Sentinel saves our users a ton of it. Quickly filter to just the resources needed to solve the problem you are facing. See how other users have rated that service provider. Privately and securely message them directly through the system. Set up tests, do due diligence, close business, run projects. Once a channel is open between a buyer and a seller on a given listing, it stays open until you close that listing. But you don't have to worry about getting spammed by a bunch of folks pitching stuff you don't need. Sellers control their messaging, but Buyers control the dialogue.

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Registration is free and you may already have a profile you can claim as a starting point to promote your products and services or discover service providers you need quickly and efficiently.